You’ve done the excavating of your life with the help of the Desire Map and you’ve delved into the world of asking for what it is that you truly want for yourself. You have your Core Desired Feelings. You’re fully committed to living a life that’s in complete alignment with your them but can’t quite get them to integrate into all aspects of your life- the way you spend your time, the way you make your money, the experiences you share.

In this new workshop, we’re going to GO THERE. We’re going to take the next step into a life full of freedom, clarity and vibrance by creating action plans to get you to your new, soul-infused goals.

Do you constantly find yourself getting on and off that proverbial wagon, with your motivation waxing and waning like the moon? On this journey together we’re going to create a plan to move your life into alignment with your inner guide.

At one time you weren’t anything like you are now. As life teaches us, we understand that the old must be released so that the new can enter. This is what this workshop will empower you to do.


Amy Zambonin Photography / Jo Tucker Happiness Over Everything

No, you do not need to leave your job.

No, you do not need to go on retreat for 3 months.

No, you do not need to end your relationship.

And yes– you can have everything you want, and you can have it now. 

But… to shake these last little bits of resistance, you have to journey a little further within yourself.


This workshop is designed to help you exfoliate the energies in your life that lead you to shut down, self-destruct and hide. It will teach you how to take your heart whisperings and make them into plans that are expansive and liberating so you can get into the magic of living this life now.

What do you think of when you see the word “goal setting”?

This isn’t your dad’s goal-setting workshop—goodbye rigid timelines, outlandish expectations and boring, solitary suffering.

This is a space to lovingly dig into old obligations. To scrub the memories of unaccomplished ambitions. To dance into a space of empowered clarity. A place to fill your cup with grace and goodwill. A place to learn and practice the “holy no”. A place to welcome home a bright, expansive you– ready to sink into goals that feel like courage and look like freedom.

Move from apathetic to motivated.zxqsy0udvdb8_emselo6pqwi8dg-dqa4yqmylybrywmrewv-js8rub8n2k8gv9oui8h-poynbyvt0w-r5_uz0cik3hxe4r0mufichd821sousnzdtkkhcvgor6o1pqjtu

From rigidity to flow.

From fear of failure to freedom to fly.

From shrunk to shining.

To move you from too high standards to perfectly aligned intentions.

From working yourself ragged to loving every minute in devotion of your goals.


You are not alone here. Amplify your path with the support of a sisterhood who are journeying with you, to share in your celebrations, stand with you in your struggles and hold space for transformation.

This workshop is a pathway to enoughness.

A place where resources are limitless. It’s time to take those life-affirming intentions and heart-felt wishes deeper into your heart. So join me on this luscious expedition inwards. Meet yourself halfway, create the map and start living your life lit.

It’s time. Let’s walk together.

As an added bonus, and in celebration of supporting beautiful women the world over, 5% of all coaching fees are directly donated to The Poplar Project, a group of women I am involved with who are working to re-settle a Syrian refugee woman in Ottawa, Canada.



In-person, Ottawa

November 4 + 5, 10am – 5pm
Investment: $279 {payment plans available by request, group pricing available}

***Because of the depth and breadth of this work, I limit workshops to a total of 10 women so reserve your spot today.***




IN PERSON, November 4 + 5, OTTAWA ON

Here’s what others have to say about working with me:

I felt very welcomed and safe. Joanne is a gracious, funny and kind facilitator. After the first session I looked forward to the following sessions as I was confident they’d bring me peace and the opportunity to centre/ground myself among good-hearted folks. I left with a sense of energized commitment to living more intentionally.

— Brielle

The Desire Map workshop with Jo was one of my favourite days! I left feeling more focused and centered. It was really awesome to spend a day talking about how I want to feel and the ways & things that make me feel that way. I also came away with some take-a-ways — a daily journal practice as well as some self-love exercises.

— Kelly