6:30pm – 8:30pm

The purpose of circle is simple yet powerful: to gather like-minded women to support one another in creating a life that feels truly aligned with one’s values + desires. Combining all my favourite tools – meditation, energy medicine, coaching and desire map – this space promises to be a transformative event.

Boundaries of the space.

+ This is a space of deep love. What is said, stays. It is met with compassion + love.
+ This space is nourishing for the soul. There will be no blame, no shame,no judgement and no comparison.
+ This is a space for presence. I ask all women to bring themselves fully into circle, as a participant, as a leader, as a healer.
+ This is a space of resiliency. We are all capable, brilliant women. We do not fix or save one another, but hold space for each woman to step into their own truth and wisdom.

Are you desiring community? To be fully seen and heard in a way that lights you up on your journey? The support to work through the challenges you’re currently facing in living this one great life? If this is you, I invite you to step into circle with us.

Please purchase in advance, tickets will not be available at the door.

TO BRING: Comfy clothing for sitting and feeling good. Your favourite journal + pen. Something special to share and place on our altar. A cushion for sitting if you desire. Water for hydration during energy work.

To hold your space, send an e-transfer of 35$ to jo@jo-tucker.com