So life handed you a shit sandwich and you’re ready to alchemize it?

Perfect, you’re in the right place.

I work with my clients to bring light to the darker situations of life.

Whether you’re grieving the loss of a loved one, dealing with life-altering diagnosis, or feeling mediocre af, I got you.

My sessions with clients combine Reiki Healing to move your energy, teaching so you can apply everything we learn to your own life and coaching to get you out of “stuck” and into action.




NOTE: I am THRILLED to be on this Earth as a healer, coach, and teacher in this lifetime but my ultimate goal is to work my way out of a job. I am here to support YOU in your healing and am happy to work with you for 1 session or 100 sessions. At the end of the day, my work is to empower you to HEAL YOURSELF and create a life that incorporates self-love and healing every day. I’m just here to use my gifts and bring out the healer in you.



Curious as to what others have said about working with me?

I came to working with Jo because I needed support and guidance with honing my vision and staying in alignment as I pursued my big dreams. I also wanted a “kick in the pants” to take better care of myself as I expand and grow. I loved how real and down-to-earth Jo is during sessions. She’s highly intuitive and calm. I appreciated her energy level and I always felt supported with her. I recognized that I have all I need to be successful and abundant, and that I must prioritize my self-care before supporting others. It’s not selfish, but rather selfless to fill my own cup with abundance. I can trust myself and my intuition always and that I’m supported at all times. Sessions are powerful. Don’t sign up unless you’re ready to grow and get to know yourself on a much deeper level !

Britny West, Biz Mindset and Empowerment Coach, http://www.britnywest.com 

I came to Jo through a referral from another practitioner. Jo’s program offered a gentle nudge to look at your choices differently and move into a state of consciousness that allows for empowered choices. I feel like our work together helped me to understand myself in different ways so that now I am more empowered to move forward to my specific goals. She asks the best questions! Jo is able to cut to the truth in someones story, in a very kind and gentle way. That they will be asked to see themselves truthfully and it can be hard but it’s worth it. I feel confident and focused.

— J.M., Naturopath and Healer

I am super pumped and grateful for our paths aligning this way. After our first 45 minute session, I was totally floating all of Tuesday evening after we spoke – HUGE moving of energy, couldn’t have held it in if I had tried, talking my partner’s ear off about what I was working on and what I needed felt so liberating. The last couple of days have been really interesting – definitely a bit more grounded and quiet within myself letting the stuff we went through really sink in, and man – the whole thing about feminine power/wearing multiple roles has really opened up some deep truths with me that I had been working on for a while. So so so good.

— E.G., Reflexologist and Reiki practitioner

I contacted Jo because I was going through some big life changes, and felt I could use someone who was outside of those changes to help me live them/figure out how to live them well and move through them with growth. I think there is a fear that people have when they are seeking out help/guidance that people will be judging where they are/who they are and what they want help with. I never had that sense with Jo. Working with her is like having an encouraging and challenging friend – someone who cares about your life and knows about what you’re facing, but also someone who is making time and is determined to guide and be with you in your growth. It’s like having someone in your corner, but who is helping you move in a new direction.

— Katie M, Phd Candidate/Lecturere

Jo has been a great support through what has been for me a challenging period in my life.  A period that required me to take risks and move out of my comfort zone. Joanne was also there to celebrate in my accomplishments and victories over fear and doubt and whatever other bogey men were supposedly hiding around the corner…and there were a lot of corners! Our “check-in” sessions midweek were a great help to keep me focused in between session and to remind me of the very real possibilities that the past is NOT an indicator of the future, that new and different opportunities and realities await me.

— Nancy M, Entrepreneur

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