It’s all about soul liberation, really.

You’re here because something I’ve said resonated deeply within you and you’re interested in learning a bit more about how it is that we can work together.

Here’s the good news.

You don’t have to quit your job. Or pay buckets of money. Or leave your relationship.

All you need? A clear roadmap to take you where you want to go. One that feels aligned with you, not a map that takes you further from yourself.

Is the desire to make small changes and choices every day that add up to more freedom in your life now. What really works is when we show up together in trust, devote ourselves to the work, and open our hearts up for healing.

Our journey can go a number of different ways. From quick, one-off healing sessions to  6 week journeys designed to get you totally clear (mentally and spiritually) to longer, deeper 6 month engagements that allow for a complete overhaul of your beliefs + actions to fully create freedom in your life that truly lasts.

Do you have something that feels stuck? Are you in need of clarity? To understand the impact coaching can have in your life, you’ve got to dip your toes in. Book a free call now, no strings attached. 


How many times have you made changes and seen positive effects only to end up back where you started. These old patterns coming back only reinforces the belief that you aren’t capable/worthy/enough to live the life that you deeply desire. And that is some BULLSHIT. You aren’t the problem, love. Most of the time, you’re attempting to find an external solution to an internal condition. So we engage in these cycles of action and inaction, the discomfort deepens and we turn more and more towards activities that shut our hearts down and numb our feelings, disconnecting from ourselves and the world around us.

If you’re finding that nothing is working (i.e. you’re still engaging in the same patterns of behaviour in your life) then I want you to get curious and play with the idea that you are not the problem but rather your way of “doing the work” is.

I want to be your guide to enoughness. I am speaking to that place inside of you who knows your wisdom. Who is only love but is feeling disconnected.

Working with me is for you if…

You are seeking freedom in your life. From the expectations of others, from your own negative thoughts, from toxic relationships. Freedom to pursue the things that stir your heart. Freedom from all of the things that no longer feel like they belong to you.

You’re craving deeper connection. With the parts of yourself that whisper to you at night telling you you’re meant for more. A deeper connection with your community and the world around you. To feel a part of something bigger.

You desire to feel lightness and you’re willing to do the deep work to get there. To know that you’re making daily choices that align with your values and weave meaning into your daily life. 

My solution: to remind you of your strength. That you are enough. You are worthy. You are whole. That you can reclaim your life from the expectations of others and uncover how it is you truly desire to live. If you’re waiting for the big shakedown, you don’t have to. Let’s act together before the discomfort you’re currently experiencing gives way to apathy. Things do not have to get worse before you take action here. When we work in cycles of bliss and despair, we set ourselves up for failure.

This journey is for you if you are…

  • Fully ready to step fully into your own personal power to create the life you’ve only dreamed of
  • Beyond excited to become your own healer and learn how to get your life unstuck
  • Enthralled with the idea of tapping into your intuition to truly understand what it is your deeply desire… and how to get it.
  • Deeply called to say no to fear and yes to creating lasting clarity and peace in your life.


Amy Zambonin Photography / Jo Tucker Happiness Over EverythingFirst, we gather {virtually} over tea to talk about what most needs liberation in your life. We’ll explore your story together, do a little coaching magic, and see if we’re a fit. I’m deeply committed to being the best-fit coach for this part of your journey. I’m also deeply committed to working with my best-fit clients. This short call allows us to explore a relationship together. Here, we’ll establish an over-arching intention to guide our time together.


Because we are all unique diverse beings, the journey is quite open-ended. All it requires from you is to show up fully and completely as a clear witness in your life. your deepest desires. your devotion to opening.

Each week, we’ll meet at that trigger point, the point of discomfort or stuckness in your life, and I’ll bring whatever tool or method you need to move through it, all with an open mind + open heart.

My philosophy really is founded on the understanding that to create the change we desire, we have to heal ourselves. Sessions will comprise of a lot of talking your beliefs through and confronting fears. I use energetic healing techniques as well as NLP techniques, depending on your needs and comfort.

You can expect to leave sessions feeling more clear, confident, and liberated on for your path forward.

We meet for the first time to define the goals of our work together and then meet continuously bi-weekly. Sessions are 60 minutes with the exception of the first and last meeting which will be 90 minutes each.

As an added bonus, and in celebration of supporting beautiful women the world over, 5% of all coaching fees are directly donated to The Poplar Project, a group of women I am involved with who are working to re-settle a Liberian refugee woman + her family in Ottawa, Canada.

Other fun things to add to your playbook:

  • Gifted Admission to any Virtual Desire Map offered
  • 3 Long-distance Reiki sessions designed to bust up whatever blocks are standing in your way
  • Meditation Bundle, +
  • My Morning Routine worksheet, designed to create clarity, increase focus and ground you into your mission

If this journey calls to you, let’s explore what it could look like together.

xxo, Jo

Curious as to what others have said about working with me?

I came to working with Jo because I needed support and guidance with honing my vision and staying in alignment as I pursued my big dreams. I also wanted a “kick in the pants” to take better care of myself as I expand and grow. I loved how real and down-to-earth Jo is during sessions. She’s highly intuitive and calm. I appreciated her energy level and I always felt supported with her. I recognized that I have all I need to be successful and abundant, and that I must prioritize my self-care before supporting others. It’s not selfish, but rather selfless to fill my own cup with abundance. I can trust myself and my intuition always and that I’m supported at all times. Sessions are powerful. Don’t sign up unless you’re ready to grow and get to know yourself on a much deeper level !

Britny West, Biz Mindset and Empowerment Coach, 

I came to Jo through a referral from another practitioner. Jo’s program offered a gentle nudge to look at your choices differently and move into a state of consciousness that allows for empowered choices. I feel like our work together helped me to understand myself in different ways so that now I am more empowered to move forward to my specific goals. She asks the best questions! Jo is able to cut to the truth in someones story, in a very kind and gentle way. That they will be asked to see themselves truthfully and it can be hard but it’s worth it. I feel confident and focused.

— J.M., Naturopath and Healer

I am super pumped and grateful for our paths aligning this way. After our first 45 minute session, I was totally floating all of Tuesday evening after we spoke – HUGE moving of energy, couldn’t have held it in if I had tried, talking my partner’s ear off about what I was working on and what I needed felt so liberating. The last couple of days have been really interesting – definitely a bit more grounded and quiet within myself letting the stuff we went through really sink in, and man – the whole thing about feminine power/wearing multiple roles has really opened up some deep truths with me that I had been working on for a while. So so so good.

— E.G., Reflexologist and Reiki practitioner

I contacted Jo because I was going through some big life changes, and felt I could use someone who was outside of those changes to help me live them/figure out how to live them well and move through them with growth. I think there is a fear that people have when they are seeking out help/guidance that people will be judging where they are/who they are and what they want help with. I never had that sense with Jo. Working with her is like having an encouraging and challenging friend – someone who cares about your life and knows about what you’re facing, but also someone who is making time and is determined to guide and be with you in your growth. It’s like having someone in your corner, but who is helping you move in a new direction.

— Katie M, Phd Candidate/Lecturere

Jo has been a great support through what has been for me a challenging period in my life.  A period that required me to take risks and move out of my comfort zone. Joanne was also there to celebrate in my accomplishments and victories over fear and doubt and whatever other bogey men were supposedly hiding around the corner…and there were a lot of corners! Our “check-in” sessions midweek were a great help to keep me focused in between session and to remind me of the very real possibilities that the past is NOT an indicator of the future, that new and different opportunities and realities await me.

— Nancy M, Entrepreneur

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