A guided journey to infuse your life with greater peace, deeper connection, and all out JOY. 


What is possible for your one great life?

What would be possible for you if you knew you could live your life with greater peace? To make peace with your body, mind, soul. 

Right now, I imagine you’re trying to make changes to bring you more happiness and satisfaction, but you feel like you’re just spinning your wheels, starting and stopping new habits, new behaviours. And with each new day there’s a new commitment to BE BETTER only to find yourself tossing and turning at night, envisioning the things you really want, but secretly believing that you can’t have them because you’re not worthy, too broken, not enough.

I know how this is, because it was me. And it’s the story reflected in the stories of my clients, again and again. 

This course is a culmination of all of the wisdom I’ve gained on my own path over two decades. And I’m offering it here not because you can’t do this alone (you can), but because I believe together we can heal faster. with more ease. with more joy. And who doesn’t want that?

Come home to you.

Coming Home is a group experience designed to provide you the tools to live your best life: with purpose, on purpose. These tools equip you with the skills to create magic in your life in this crazy, curvy life.  

Each week for 3 months we’ll be meeting in our virtual space. One week is dedicated to lecture-style learning, the other to coaching + support. All of which occurs in a group container– amplifying the experience. 

What I desire for you

In a world of ever increasing obligations, to do lists and distractions, I provide a wealth of wisdom for women to reconnect to themselves and live a life led by conscious decision-making rather than a life on repeat.

  • Coming home means not looking to anyone else for your peace of mind, your happiness. That the chaos may come, the disappointments may arise, but they do not own you.
  • Coming home empowers you to make the BIG decisions with ease. Leaving a long-term relationship? Deciding on having a child? Leaving a career to start something new? Cut the criticism, self doubt and judgement + flow into action with ease.
  • Coming home looks like greeting your life with arms wide open, because you are living at full capacity with more than enough to give to yourself + your loved ones.
  • Coming home allows you to find greater pockets of joy in the more mundane aspects of our lives.
  • Coming home to you feels luscious. You can love deeper. Give deeper. Feel Fully. Cry harder. Smile wider.
  • Coming home has you falling in love every time you look in the mirror. You are your lover, your best friend, your source of inspiration. And this light permeates every space you step into, from the inside out. Make peace with the thoughts in your mind.
  • Coming home means stepping into a bigger, grander version of who you already are. Live from a space of graceful confidence, leading to more healthy relationships, and greater success + satisfaction in the workplace + more.

What can you expect?

I truly believe that women are key to the healing of our planet, and we’re gathering in ever-growing numbers around the world to do this sacred work by creating new beliefs about how the world could be and how that could come to pass. Therefore, the cornerstone of this program is sisterhood.

We go further, together.

This program is designed to support every aspect of the journey towards creating the life we’ve always desired. And it does this through providing the following in a 3 month virtual container starting February 12.

  • Bi-weekly classroom calls where I go over a specific topic and provide you with tools and energetic medicine techniques to support you on your path through the 3 Phases of Transformation: Awareness, Action, Embodiment.
  • Bi-weekly Sister Circle calls with me and your coursemates designed to provide laser coaching to help you fully integrate your new tools into every day life.
  • A private Facebook group to continue conversations, provide resources, and support one another on the journey.
  • Unlimited Messenger and Voxer support from me throughout the entirety of the program.

Together, we’ll move deeper into the truth that you have great gifts for this world that are ready to be released.

You need YOU. Your family needs you to need you. The world, it needs this grounded, hip-swaying, sensual wise woman.

And it doesn’t start with losing the weight, or leaving the job, or finding the perfect partner. It starts with getting really clear on what you REALLY desire in life, and building that feeling from the inside out.

So let’s do this, together.

“Before working with Jo I was feeling tired and resentful- I was doing everything for everybody. It was so powerful to share experiences and knowledge with a group of women who were honest, generous and open hearted. Listening to their experiences helped me better understand my own – how I felt, how I feel and how I want to feel. Through the work with Jo, I realized that I created the situation I was in and I have the power to change it. I felt a new sense of hope, love and respect for myself.”

Sarah M

Step into your wisdom. Reclaim your life with us.

As this is the first time I’m running this program, I’m offering it for one time only for $222/ month.

Elect to pay in full and save.

“When I began to work with Jo I was coming our of a major transition and I was left with some emotions that I was unable to process and work on by myself. Being someone who suffers from anxiety, Jo gave me some seriously amazing tools that help me day in and day out talk myself out of going into a major anxiety attack. She has helped me regain confidence in areas of my life that have been in deficit for so long, and I am forever grateful of the work that I have done with Jo so far. I will continue to work with her to become the happiest individual I can possibly be!”


This program is for you if...

  • You're ready for heightened confidence and self-esteem, leading to new opportunities and relationships
  • You desire a more attuned relationship with your intution intuition, leading to clearer decision-making and priority-setting
  • You want to create an abundance of time, lending space for greater connection with self and loved ones
  • You’re ready to heal your toxic relationships leading to more peaceful interactions and attracting new, nourishing relationships.

Fall in love with your life, all over again.

I’m beyond words excited to bring this work to more + more women just like you in this new format. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When do we start?
We’re set to start this journey together the week of February 12th. 

I’m interested but I want to know more. Can we chat?
Yes. I’d love to chat so we can get to know one another, talk about the program, and see if we’re a good fit. Schedule a quick chat here. 

I’d love more information on what we’re actually going to learn together.

I’m so glad you asked! Here’s a quick glimpse at the topics we’ll be covering. Clarifying your True Desires. This activates our energy and works to magnetize our dreams. Here, we begin to shed the layers of doubt, fear and obligation that serve to keep us stuck. Rituals to Support Transformation. These tools will include daily and weekly meditations to keep you grounded, Daily Devotional journaling techniques that re-connect us to our purpose + power, and learning the art of giving and receiving support in sisterhood, an integral part of embodying growth. Activating your Wisdom. Learn how to tap into your intuition and body to make embodied decisions that diminish stress + anxiety and leave you feeling really good (because isn’t that the point of all this?). And finally, Moving through Resistance. Together, we’ll face all of the dragons that come out of the closet when we move through change. Here’s the truth: creating lasting change can be simple, but it isn’t always easy. Throughout our time together, we’ll bust through our biggest hurdles- like how to actually create more hours in a day- so we can actually live the life we desire. 

When are the calls? What if I can’t make it live?
Once the group is formed, a consistent time and day will be picked based on everyone’s availability. Don’t worry- if you miss a session, they will all be recorded and yours to keep. 

What is a Sister Circle?

The core of this program is founded on gathering in Sisterhood. I truly believe that women are key to the healing of our planet, and we’re gathering in ever-growing numbers around the world to do this sacred work by creating new beliefs about how the world could be and how that could come to pass.

And to activate this sacred work, we must start by healing our relationships with ourselves and our fellow sisters. And so, we gather in circle to hone the tools that will transform everything. We create and hold a safe space for connection focused on learning and growing from each other. Imagine a group of women holding your vision and cheering you on throughout the course of the program. 

What we learn here extends beyond circle. My deepest growth has occurred in circle with women. It has revolutionized all of my relationships. 

This is all about creating embodied empowerment through creating and honouring healthy boundaries. It shows us we’re not alone or uniquely struggling, and it allows us the space to weave together our own wisdom with the wisdom held by each one of us. And when all of this wisdom converges, we collectively create new forms of wisdom that we then carry forward into all aspects of our lives.

Before working with Jo, I was struggling with a separation and feeling like I didn’t know where to turn next. I felt like I needed changes in my life- I have lots of goals and I’m a successful career woman, but I really felt like my efforts to find happiness were just wasting my energy and producing little return. Working with Jo was empowering, safe and loving. I felt much stronger, peaceful and more capable as a result of our work together.”


Secure your spot now.

Space is limited. 

Hi! I'm jo.

And I’m your guide on this part of the journey.

 I’m a certified life coach + reiki practitioner and I work with women to guide them back to their natural state of enoughness. Through the use of laser coaching techniques, reiki and energetic healing, I go gently and deeply into your fears and blocks to heal them so you can live the life you were meant to live.

Coaching isn’t about giving advice or telling people what to do, it’s about guiding you back to a place where you can access your innate ability to heal and transform so you can live a life of freedom. A place where your innate brilliance guides you in creating a life you love. A place where you can have your feet lovingly held to the fire of your biggest desires.

I know this much to be true: despite what your mind may have you convinced of, you are worthy of living an amazing life. And this worthiness has no pre-conditions. It is yours to have, NOW. 

Come home. It’s time.

Jo Tucker Coaching 2017

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