Today I want to share a lesson I learned about getting through the hard things.

I was talking with a friend the other night about trust and intimate relationships.

I have often asked myself “how can I trust more deeply?”.

I’ve been fortunate to never have been involved in a relationship that involved infidelity.

This friend, on the other hand, has been cheated on a few times. And yet, they don’t seem to struggle to trust deeply and without hesitation.

I asked point-blank: How can you trust so easily, given everything you’ve been through?”

They responded simply: “I’m alive, aren’t I? It happened, and I didn’t die.”

Huh. Interesting…. 

It hurt, sure. But they’re alive + well.

And isn’t that the most interesting lesson I learned that day. Here I am pathologizing about how I can still get tripped up in trusting, and here they are living their trust full out because they know that they can be knocked down and then they’ll get back up.

A lesson: I know it can feel hard, truly. But you’re going to make it through. How do I know? Because you’ve been through hard before + you’re alive, aren’t you?


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