Thinking about Becoming a Desire Map Facilitator?

The Desire Map Licensing Program is one of the most soulful (non- sleazy) businesses-in-a-box out there. Based on the book The Desire Map, by Danielle LaPorte, the Licensing Program prepares anyone with vision and moxie to lead Desire Map workshops anywhere on the planet.

Lightworkers, leaders, all good souls: here’s an opportunity to do more good work in the world. We need you.

As a coach, I’ve been using the Desire Map curriculum in my client calls, and we are making huge transformations together. I know coaches and teachers all around the world who are using this program in their coaching businesses. You can learn more about what makes this so powerful through following the link here.

Since I’ve been a facilitator, I’ve hosted 5 workshops and have used the workshops to grow my client base, expand my tool library and connect with an entirely new community– not to mention the personal benefits that the Desire Map process has brought to my life.

The Desire Map curriculum, based on the book by Danielle LaPorte, has been working its way into yoga studios, one-on-one coaching sessions, and classrooms of all kinds and age groups. I am a proud affiliate and licensee of this work and am so pumped about the transformations I’m seeing in the clients I serve. If you’re a natural born leader — teacher, maven, coach, entrepreneur — you should absolutely check this out.

I’ve found a truly heart-centered program that’s transforming my business and the lives of the people I work with. The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte has been made into a workshop, retreat, and coaching curriculum. This is ready-to-use business with soul.

Calling all my friends who are…Coaches! Yogis! Healers! Wellness pros! And basically anyone who’s got some entrepreneurial blood in their veins! I want to tell you about the #desiremap Licensing Program. This material has made such a positive impact in the way I work with clients and run my business. I’m so pumped to share this with you. You can check it out here.

When you buy your Licensing through me, you’ll receive:

  • Virtual session: resource sharing, support in WordPress design, badge editing and more
  • Support on: Workshop logistics AKA how do you run and in-person and online event?
  • Links to your workshop and website on my site and social media! Share the LOVE!
  • A 1:1 private coaching session with me (1 hour, 156$ value)
  • Free attendance to any of my virtual DM workshops


The Desire Map Licensing Program is creating abundance and transforming lives all over the world. I’m one of those lives. Prosper while changing lives. Follow the link to sign up now.

Danielle LaPorte Inc. has no affiliation with my website or any of the products, services or bonuses listed here. Danielle LaPorte has not reviewed or approved any of the materials I offer. If you have any questions or concerns, please address them with me (and/or my company) directly.