You’re a woman who craves a more meaningful life. One that causes you to gleefully get out of bed in the morning, excited to see what the day will bring and feeling fully ready to meet it. Up to today, you’ve spent your life trying to fit into someone else’s box. You’ve done all the right things and have landed yourself in a place where your life doesn’t really feel like one of your own making. You feel unsatisfied, like there is more for you, but you’re tired of feeling over-run, over-worked and over-looked. You’ve noticed this feeling creeping in, this disconnect from yourself and the world around you, like the box is getting a bit too small. And so you’ve decided to start making some changes to find that sense of freedom and fulfillment, but don’t know where to start… and so you’ve arrived here.

Welcome, I’m Jo.

I’m a certified life coach + reiki practitioner and I work with women to guide them back to their natural state of enoughness. Through the use of laser coaching techniques, reiki and energetic healing, I go gently and deeply into your fears and blocks to heal them so you can live the life you were meant to live.

Coaching isn’t about giving advice or telling people what to do, it’s about guiding you back to a place where you can access your innate ability to heal and transform so you can live a life of freedom. A place where your innate brilliance guides you in creating a life you love. A place where you can have your feet lovingly held to the fire of your biggest desires.

Why do I care?

Because I was you. Years ago, I was the Joanne that felt she could bust through life by herself.

I was a high achiever and I was also a total mess and totally lost…

Then one day, I learned two things:

  1. Everything happens for a reason. Cliche yes, but true? Also yes. The divine works through all of us.
  2. In order to love oneself and feel truly fulfilled and free, you must allow yourself to feel everything.

And this one other thing: I no longer have to do this on my own. Holy freedom!

I could have continued on my way. I had the degrees, I had the salary, I had the relationships. What I didn’t have? A connection to my body, a connection to my soul, and ultimately, a true feeling of freedom + happiness that existed below the picture perfect surface.

I want to witness you re-connecting with your own knowledge and power and reap the benefits. I want to share my tools and techniques to get you there.

Where is that, you say? A healed relationship with yourself, of course!

Enhanced self-esteem allowing space for your clear vision of the future to seep in;

Easeful decision-making even when they feel super tough and way too big; and

Freedom to trust in yourself to take the steps required to navigate any situation.

What exactly does that mean?

Well, it looks different for everyone, but here are some of the benefits: Deeper relationships with your loved ones, increased time + energy every day, the confidence to go after what you truly want, a beautiful relationship with your gorgeous body, a renewed + sustained sense of calm that sticks with throughout your day AND the a life filled with more amazing-I-feel-great-everything-is-coming-up-ME days.

Who doesn’t want that?

It is from this space that we truly shine. It is in this life that we create our greatest gifts. When we live from this place, we positively impact the world. And that can only be a good thing.

So join me on this journey. Learn more about my work here.

Or, book your free call to get your journey started now by booking below.