Welcome. I’m Jo, a certified coach who works with women who are ready to walk into their own enoughness. Women who are ready to fully embrace themselves. Are you with me?

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Scarcity is our current paradigm. Scarcity is about never enough, greed, fragmentation, separateness. We judge, compare and label. We become empty, dissatisfied. We define ourselves by unknown expectations. It tells us we need to compete with ourselves and our fellow men and women, to act a certain way to receive the love that we desire in our lives. To hide or forget the parts of ourselves that make us different.

And at the end of the day, after we’ve worked our butts off to satisfy those around us, we find ourselves in bed at night, making long lists of all the things we wish we’d done differently that day and how we’re going to do things differently. Be better, eat better, work better— feel happier. We spend our time daydreaming about finding the perfect strategy to finally feeling fulfilled. But the thing is, we’re seeking external solutions to an internal circumstance.

In response to feeling limited, we seek total freedom.

Most people think about freedom as the ability to keep our options open. To stay loose and available for inspiration to strike. And often that strategy gives us immediate space but it’s often fleeting and never long-lasting. Infinite choices eventually becomes their own prison. You can never fully choose something for yourself. You can never fall in love. You can never find your career or life path— you can never find your destiny because you’re always afraid to fully commit because something shinier might be coming around the corner. You stop trusting your own ability to choose.

Freedom comes when we fully express ourselves.

When we play full out, choose fully and when we take the time to recognize that we are exactly where we were meant to be— we are connected to our intuition, we are joyful, we are at peace when we choose. This is the freedom I desire for you.

This isn’t about fear or scarcity or jealousy or retribution or comparison. I want to talk to you about a different set of circumstances— one of generosity, gratitude and appreciation for what we have.

You do not have to burn everything down and start from scratch, you do not need a new career, a new family, a new self.

You simply must take a stand for what you truly want for yourself and the world. And from this place, you take small steps for yourself that bring you closer and closer into alignment with your highest self.

Every moment of every day we have opportunities to express our core values. Not tomorrow, or when we have enough money or time, or a different body– but now. Now is the time to contribute meaningfully to your vision of yourself, your family, your community and the world.

Enoughness is all about gratitude, compassion, wholeness, trust and freedom. We acknowledge what is, appreciate its value and envision the impact we desire for this world. And we act, fearlessly and in devotion to our dreams.

This is freedom. And this is what I desire for you.

Are you ready, sister? Let’s talk for 45 minutes to see if working with me is a part of your journey.

As an added bonus, and in celebration of supporting beautiful women the world over, 5% of all coaching fees are directly donated to The Poplar Project, a group of women I am involved with who are working to re-settle a Syrian refugee woman in Ottawa, Canada.

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