Jo Tucker | Healer + Coach

Bringing light to the darkness

Let’s be real. Sometimes life is crap. Things happen that you really wish weren’t happening.

People die. Diagnoses are received. Relationships blow up.

Stay with me.

Life is full of highs and lows and as spiritual beings having a human experience, it’s my belief that the darkness is an invitation for us to heal.

I know it sounds kind of weird and I also know that I’m speaking from a place of privilege and still, I believe this deeply. In fact, I’ve lived it many times.

In my opinion, the darkness, the sadness, the grief, the struggle– it shows us where to go next and often times the shitty circumstance is what catalyzes the healing journey that will change your life— for the better.

The best part about this realization is that it can allow you to move quickly out of the pain and hardness of it all and into a place of peace (no, really!)

Healing can be enjoyable. Growth can be fun. And (unexpected) change can be the best gift you ever got.

Hi there! I’m Jo Tucker, Life Coach, Teacher, and Healer, and I help women bring LIGHT to the DARKNESS. Together, we take the dark and twisty turns of life and LIGHT. YOU. UP.
I work with my clients to TEACH them healing strategies (I have a Master’s in Education), HEAL their energy (I’m a certified Reiki Practitioner), and GUIDE them through rough transitions with fun and ease (yup, I’m a Certified Coach too #overachiever).  


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